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Exceptional Periodontal Treatment in Plainview, NY and Surrounding Areas

At the clinic of Dr. Henry A. Sachs, DDS, your dental health will benefit from gentle and effective periodontal treatments on Long Island. Our practice focuses on conservative therapy because, in the early stages of periodontal disease, the best treatment methods are non-surgical. These procedures remove plaque and tartar buildup below the gum line in periodontal pockets using a fine ultrasonic tip or hand instrument between the tooth and gum. This is known as scaling and is followed by irrigation with an antibacterial solution. A few weeks after treatment, gum pocket depth is reduced by shrinkage and tightening of the tissue. The improvement can often be maintained by brushing, flossing, and regular cleanings.

Periodontal Therapy

Our periodontist will apply non-surgical gum treatment, such as laser periodontal therapy, even in the most severe cases of periodontal disease before resorting to surgery. This improves the overall tissue quality and limits the areas that require surgical intervention. The purpose of surgery is to access areas under the gum line that cannot be effectively cleaned with other methods. It also is used to rebuild lost bone support.
Bone regeneration techniques help stabilize teeth that would become loose over time and eventually be lost. X-rays can show how guided tissue regeneration works with bone fill bolstering the tooth’s support, reducing the pocket depth, and making the area easier to maintain.
Moderate Periodontal Disease
Moderate Periodontal Disease showing tartar buildup in periodontal pocket
Scaling & Root Planing
Scaling & Root Planing
Bone Loss
Bone loss on the right side of the tooth
Bone Fill
Bone fill following guided tissue regeneration